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zero 01-06-2008 05:44 PM

too many to count - at least a three thousand! acannie get moving for the fvckken things!

Frieda 01-06-2008 05:56 PM

^ lives in a forest of bonsai oaks

i still have my christmas tree inside-- that makes 12

Frieda 01-06-2008 06:04 PM

i must add-- i suddenly had a vision of mr zero as a discworld nac mac feegle with his red hair, blue tattoos, a big beard and packed with heavy armor-- "plants, BLETHERS! acannie get moving for the fvckken things!"

zero 01-06-2008 06:23 PM


lukkucairi 01-06-2008 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by zero (Post 373498)
too many to count - at least a three thousand! acannie get moving for the fvckken things!

^^ what he said

one of these days I'll have to post a picture of our bathtub...

12"razormix 01-06-2008 06:27 PM

oh yes, please post a picture of the bathtub with you and zero in it! :)

lukkucairi 01-06-2008 06:31 PM

here's me, zero, pearly, trish, and tippy

zormix, we invited you - but you were BUSY that night.

zero 01-06-2008 06:35 PM


xfox 01-06-2008 10:37 PM


madasacutsnake 01-06-2008 11:24 PM

A single spider plant.

Earthling 01-06-2008 11:40 PM

What a morbid question for me. i'm a house plant nut, so i often have to stop myself from buying more. I have 16, and here's the trick...I only have 2 windows, one in the bedroom, and one in the kitchen, plus a patio door. I've been living in this apt. about 4 years now, and some of my babies are gonna haveta go. My Spanish Yucca, which started out as a 1 foot plant, is now a seven foot tree, bark and all. It's breaking my heart, for it can no longer get enough light in the window its in. It's gotten so large from being on my balcony during the summer. Just what does one do with a plant that has out grown its place?:(

Tunesmith 01-06-2008 11:46 PM


Originally Posted by Frieda (Post 373499)
^ lives in a forest of bonsai oaks


Me personally? Two, and one's on its way out. Second bonsai I've killed. :(

My family? 30+. And they have NAMES. I'm not talking "Venus fly trap named Audrey" names, I'm talking "...and here are our Bromeliads - Laverne, Pip, and Susie".

Tunesmith 01-07-2008 01:31 AM

New question of the day: What are your favorite sounds?

trisherina 01-07-2008 02:19 AM

A genuine chortle
The soft lip smacking a contented lying down dog makes
Fabric rustling, esp. chiffon
Puppy grunts
Slow propellers

Frieda 01-07-2008 05:00 AM

sound of the wind rustling in trees
cat purring
cows mooing in the morning when they greet each other

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