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Spicy Jack 07-27-2004 02:00 PM

I only like to stay at fancy hotels that specifically offer C O L O R TV . Makes me feel special.

Maybe some HBO if I wanna spend the big bucks.

Magpie 07-27-2004 03:39 PM


Originally posted by Spicy Jack
That took awhile didn't it? hehee ;)

Spicy Jack 07-27-2004 03:40 PM

all i have is time :(

chuckie egg 07-28-2004 10:33 AM

you left out the U

Clytie 07-28-2004 11:13 AM

for daver

Spicy Jack 07-28-2004 02:02 PM


Originally posted by chuckie egg
you left out the U
I'd never leave U out Chuckie! :p

bealeblues 07-28-2004 02:04 PM

freaking superfluous U's.... you british need to stop trying to ruin our language

red 07-28-2004 07:35 PM

ze's request made me laugh so hard coworkers wanted to know what was up.

madasacutsnake 08-04-2004 12:25 AM

How to spot a rich guy:

I say it is not always about the money:

Not suitable for work.

Coffee 08-06-2004 10:40 PM

While on a search for something unrelated, I found an un-indexed pic folder full of wonderful, and not so wonderful political images.

A few:

uhh...one more: Cuz I don't know the 4 equivalant of "few".

masterofNone 08-07-2004 02:08 AM

a friend of mine called me on her cell from a kerry rally and let me listen to kerry's whole speech!

rmr 08-07-2004 02:19 AM


snowball vs. santa's little helper

nycwriters 08-11-2004 05:30 PM

I forgot about this photo. :)

priceyfatprude 08-11-2004 05:35 PM

LOL. I have that one saved. Look how happy Milosajlkdsjlidongcnvic looks.

nycwriters 08-11-2004 05:38 PM

It's HIS Oscar don'tchyaknow? ;)

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