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lukkucairi 03-16-2008 10:47 PM

just poke them until they stop, OK!

T.I.P. 03-17-2008 12:04 AM

hope you upgrade soon :)

brightpearl 03-17-2008 12:26 AM

I know something you don't knoooooooooow.

T.I.P. 03-17-2008 11:59 PM

aw man how am i going to sleep now ?? :mad:

YsaPur EsChomuw 03-20-2008 09:08 AM

Stephi_B 03-20-2008 11:25 AM

Same from me


brightpearl 03-20-2008 12:05 PM

My son is better, thanks to the folks who are asking.

I've got it now, though.
Ah, this too shall pass.

Stephi_B 03-20-2008 12:13 PM

^Oh, no... :(
Good you are at you mom's at least over the holidays!

Veruki 03-20-2008 12:56 PM

Mik 03-20-2008 01:48 PM

i miss a couple of you...

lukkucairi 03-20-2008 01:54 PM

I miss Mik!

really really bad!

brightpearl 03-20-2008 02:03 PM

Me too!!

brightpearl 03-20-2008 02:07 PM


Originally Posted by Veruki (Post 381639)
Your F-350 bothers me...


auntie aubrey 03-20-2008 02:47 PM

oh MAN i want cookies!

YsaPur EsChomuw 03-20-2008 03:25 PM

These? :cool:

Or those? :p

Ummm... :confused:

Plus, there's a whole thread of cookies here, but I don't recommend any of those. :eek:

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