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trisherina 06-14-2006 01:01 AM

phoenicurous: The degree of forgiveness exhibited by individual physiology once sustained self-abuse comes to an end.

Raj cursed her years of clean living: simply by abandoning her daily cocaine habit, Shaida's hair, skin, and shape went from sixty to thirty in the course of two months.

LeahDear 06-15-2006 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by dddrum
phoenicurous - term employed in Personal Ads, indicating the desire to explore a sexual relationship with a huge, mythical bird.

^^^ :D excellent :D

Only able to write phoenitically.

After many rejections Fred came to the sad realisation that his phoenicurous tendancies could only ever hinder his ambition to be a writer.

Marcus Bales 06-15-2006 01:06 PM

phoenicurous - a style of tuxedo jacket: Rhett-tailed. After the suit worn by Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.

Brynn 06-16-2006 09:38 AM

^Nice. Hmmmmm very clever/funny - someone must have already known that the actual definition of phoenicurous is "red-tailed."

I liked Marcus' other definition too, which wins the

Why, My Pappy Just Called That Bow-legged! Award

phoenicurous -- wide-set hips in bipeds; typically the phoenicurous biped will have thighs that do not touch when standing or moving normally. In Playboy myth, women who are extraordinarily good in bed.

After he noticed the phoenicurous qualities of the Nolan twins, as they stood before him, Professor Dinzdale was dazzled by the prospect of discovering whether the editors at Dear Playboy had been right.

("Dear Playboy" :D - good use of the word "myth," btw :D )

Since we're talking about the Nolan twins, I really liked Dinzdale's take on "the comeback", and he wins the

All Ready To Go - But It's Still 'Sloppy Thirds' Award

phoenicurous an.

The ability to rise again immediately after having been spent.

As the third Nolan Sister entered the bedroom, both she and the Professor were very pleased he was phoenicurious :)

The family that plays together, stays together...but daverbee, going with the reincarnation thing, knows how to liven up a party too, and wins the

Fun Things to Do When You're Drunk Award


The mistaken belief that by setting onself on fire one can be reborn as a large bird or as a parakeet living in a certain town in Arizona depending on your preference.

I dunno, I guess you could say I'm partial to resurrection myths in general, to say the least, and I thought dddrum's definition was fetching, so he wins a bottle of good champagne, a bag of birdseed, and the

Long Romantic Walks On the Beach Award

phoenicurous - term employed in Personal Ads, indicating the desire to explore a sexual relationship with a huge, mythical bird.

LeahDear wisely sensed that it was probably time to depart from the bird formula, and wins the

Best Creative Misspelling of “Phonetically” to Make A Point Award”

Only able to write phoenitically.

After many rejections Fred came to the sad realisation that his phoenicurous tendancies could only ever hinder his ambition to be a writer.[/i]

Also departing from the formula, Coffee's definition wins the

Coveted Second-Runner-Up Award

not just for originality, not just for making me look up the fact that Phoenicia was actually the Greek term for Lebanon and not a territory in Greece like I'd thought (major gods - Astarte and Baal, btw - Dagon was the agricultural god of the Amorites/Philistines) but also for making me hungry for some good Tex-Mex, which is really hard to find in Portland:

phoenicurous adj, phoenicurian n

Pertaining to cuisine of Phoenician origin.
An epicurian who specializes Phoenician food.

Abda and Moleck, phoenicurians, uttered a silent prayer to Dagon, ancient god of harvests, before opening the Milwaukee phone book, where they were stranded when a connecting flight to Chicago had engine trouble, forcing an unplanned night lay over in the Big M. They were dismayed, but not surprised, to find that the closest thing to a Phoenician restruant in the entire city of Milwaukee was a fish and chips place in a nearby Cudahy sports bar.

Although she did not actually use the word in her sentence, I knew what Trisherina meant, and like her definition enormously anyway - so that makes her
The Winner

for successfully using a renewal theme while cleverly tapping into the judge's own personal demons:

phoenicurous: The degree of forgiveness exhibited by individual physiology once sustained self-abuse comes to an end.

Raj cursed her years of clean living: simply by abandoning her daily cocaine habit, Shaida's hair, skin, and shape went (phoenicurously) from sixty to thirty in the course of two months.

Go Trisherina, Go!

trisherina 06-17-2006 12:17 AM

The really sad thing about that is how surprised I was to find I hadn't actually used the word in the sentence. (Thanks, Brynn.)

The new word is borborygmus.

dddrum 06-17-2006 01:10 AM

Borborygmus - This long-awaited scifi sequel finds Jane Fonda still in outer space (as if we needed a sequel to tell us that :rolleyes:), only now her neck cords stand out further than her nipples, and her spaceship has no right wing. Compelling viewing... see it before it's compulsory!

Marcus Bales 06-17-2006 10:58 AM

Borborygmus was the hero of the Armenian ur-saga Ishka'abibble. Borborygmus began life as a poor but honest rug weaver who wove a rug so beautiful that the Great King heard of it and ... well, I'll try to do a rough translation from the original, a copy of which has passed down through my father's family from generation to generation, although how it ended up in tenth century Wales is anybody's guess. The antepenultimate stanza has been widely quoted in contemporary society. --Editor

Borborygmus’s Rug

The rug that Borborygmus made
Was such a swift design
With so superb a hue and shade
That it was thought divine.

A modest man, he only smiled
And gave the rug away;
And those who knew it were beguiled
By his naivete.

The gold-toothed man who took it named
Its artistry as his,
And all who saw the rug exclaimed
"How royally done it is!"

The Great King heard the tale and frowned
(Though that was nothing new)
And had the owner brought around
As Great Kings often do.

The owner brought his woven tale
But didn't bring the rug
The Great King threw him, then, in jail
With barely half a shrug.

Tortured even though he tried
At last to tell the truth,
They finally staked his head outside
And stole his golden tooth.

The King gave orders: "Find the man
Who made this rug and bring
Him here to me!" And out they ran:
None sat before the King.

Informers, journalists, and spies
Went baying on the track
And brought prevarications, lies,
Untruths and rumors back.

There are 3,843 more verses, broken into two dozen cantos, with
canto III being the longest at 354 verses, and canto VII the shortest
at 87. This seminal poem ends with Borborygmus returning to his
faithful wife of 47 years after wandering the world to escape the
Great King's wrathful desire. --Editor

Home, home again at beam and board
He found his wife in bed
He smiled and poured a golden hoard
Of coins beside her head.

"O, wife, I've travailed everywhere
And always yearned for this --
This gold beside your silver hair
Is what I've dreamed of seeing there
And since to me you're still as fair
As when we were a younger pair* --
Give me the welcome-kiss."

*This line loses much in the translation: the idiomatic
"Borborygmusche" is not only a pun on Borborygmus's name, it also
connotes beauty and size in both male and female body parts. --Editor

She looked at him through half-closed eyes
And rolled aside in bed;
She evidenced no small surprise,
At what the man had said:

"For forty-seven years you've wandered
Across the land and sea
While many thousand verses maundered --
None of them of me!

"And now you dump your measly coin
Beside my pillowed head
As if to pay for you to join
Me in my husband's bed!

"What makes you think this meager sparkle
Means I can be bought?
What maudlin load of patriarchal
Crap is this you've brought?"

"Ah, wife!" he said, "this blah blah blah
Is not mere blah blah blah
I've blah blah blah and blah blah blah"
And blah blah blah blah blah!"

"Oh, spare me!" said the angry wife,
"I'm bored with babbling bards!
Rhyme rats to death then back to life
But first, get out! Guards! Guards!"


Coffee 06-17-2006 02:44 PM

borborygmus n.

The fetal, or possibly larval stage of the life cycle of the mysterious borogove...whatever the hell that is.

An excited Dr. Digenbush brought his recently collected borborygmus samples to the natural history museum in hopes of securing grant money to continue his hunt for the famed borogoves. Regretably he failed to convince them that the samples were authentic, since no one had actually ever seen an adult borogove and thus could not confirm that the immature samples were genuine. Thus ended the the good Dr's. borogove expedition for lack of funding.

xfox 06-17-2006 04:59 PM

borborygmus a condition suffered by adults when eating becomes a primary pleasure and subsequent weight gain can be avoided only by the equally consternating insanity of falling in love, causing a loss of appetite.

Totally distracted by their new found hobby of leap frogging in the moonlight the pair prevailed about the pond until the crack of dawn.

Hyakujo's Fox 06-18-2006 10:55 PM

borborygmus formerly common medical condition afflicting old pirates where a wooden leg becomes heavily infested with termites. See also hookrust

trisherina 06-19-2006 12:18 AM

Judging in the morning, MST.

funkytuba 06-19-2006 01:05 AM

borborygmus - The thin layer on top of a medium where the action really is: as cream on top of whole-milk yogurt, scum on top of a pond, bacteria on top of agar or yuppies in Manhattan at the Sky Club atop the Met Life building

Brynn 06-19-2006 07:50 AM

borborygmus - adj.

Describing the unique and distressing position one finds oneself in when forced to concentrate on the crust of saliva forming in the corners of the mouth of an extremely boring person painted as a Dalmation in a fireman's outfit at a Halloween party who is monopolizing one's valuable flirting time with dronings of the "amazing" high school production he directed of "A Midsummer's Night's Dream" in 1989.

The handsome pirate (intuitively sensing the borborygmus distress signals of the shapely Medusa he'd been making eye contact with across the room) took a deep breath, put a hand on his sword and brazenly broke into the one-sided conversation to ask her for her phone number.

trisherina 06-19-2006 12:35 PM

It's time! Gird your loins, pack your bags, cover your ears, squinch up your bum cheeks and get ready for another judging of the DICTIONARY GAME!

Today, I'm going to judge each entry based on my personal impressions (which is what I ALWAYS do, but today I'm going to be HONEST about it), so as to add MAXIMUM ANNOYANCE to the experience for everyone! Are you ready? LET'S GO!!

First, let's deal with the stupid "real" definition, because hey, who's to say what's real or not real, hey? DID YOU EVER THINK OF THAT? I did, because I took Philosophy! And Neurolinguistics! Okay, here it is:

n. rumbling of gas in the stomach. borborygmic, a.

I liked this definition because I fart a lot! I mean, A LOT! Haha. Okay, ON TO THE JUDGING!!11

dddrum's definition could not possibly win because I tried to read it seventythreethousand times and couldn't get past the squickiness of that eyeball avatar thingy or whatever it is juxtaposed with the word nipples, or in fact the thought of dddrum on the same planet as an aroused nipple. I'll try to work on this some more in therapy!

Coffee is still stuck in reliving his glory days back when he believed that we hadn't actually read Jabberwocky or thought about it with as much depth as he had. Those were heady, dizzy times, I tell you!!

xfox has a bad attitude about hockey! Yes she does. I know, you'd never know it to look at her, but DAMN! This made me really sad, because I really liked her definition, it being about eating and all. But a BAD HOCKEY ATTITUDE MUST NOT GO UNPUNISHED!!!11 (Go Oilers! heh)

Brynn's definition made me think that actually happened to her, and I felt really sorry for her for getting cornered by boring people at parties and having to focus on their saliva to stay awake. It's the cross you have to bear, though, and you're bearing it with grace!!! COURAGE.

Marcus Bales turned in another Sistine Chapel ceiling of a definition. He's a dangerous, dangerous man, you know. A man for lying down and avoiding. I wonder if he plays the banjo? Anyway, he's cool!! But the imagery in his poem about coins in bed with you -- SHUDDER! Coins are so dirty! Especially back then, when people never bathed. I'm sorry, Marcus!!

After some reflection I decided to award funkytuba with COVETED SECOND PLACE. It's just the best definition, possibly in the whole world!! Are you the scum on top or the layer underneath, ASK YOURSELF? I asked myself. And I know the answer. I appointed funky the layer on top, and...

HYAKUJO'S FOX is a medium (he can read your mind) where the action really is!!!1 Now, this, this is a DEFINITION about PIRATES, people. PIRATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRhahahaaha!

Hyakujo's Fox 06-21-2006 01:56 AM

honesty eh? it'll never catch on i tell ya.

now everyone get out your defining pencils and have a go at:


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