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nycwriters 08-26-2004 07:45 PM

There's something inherently funny about "old-school" composing room guys (in their late 60s) discussing the fact that they didn't understand what the song "YMCA" was about when it first came out ... and then one guy piping up "I'll bet they knew in the Village though!"

Then they went on to discuss the Weather Girls song "It's raining men."


rmr 08-27-2004 01:44 PM

"Occasionally a performer comes along who questions the very nature of celebrity, who challenges a nation to reconsider what artistic endeavors it previously thought possible, who deconstructs his or her chosen profession only to reinvent it in an entirely new way.

Charo is undoubtedly not one of these artists, but she sure puts on a damn good show!"

Clytie 08-27-2004 03:01 PM

From Employees to Bosses

1. Never give me work in the morning. Always wait until 5:00 and then bring it to me. The challenge of a deadline is refreshing.

2. If it's really a "rush job," run in and interrupt me every 10
minutes to inquire how it's going. That helps.

3. Always leave without telling anyone where you're going. It gives me a chance to be creative when someone asks where you are.

4. If my arms are full of papers, boxes, books or supplies, don't open the door for me. I need to learn how to perform miracles routinely and opening doors with my teeth is excellent training.

5. If you give me more than one job to do, don't tell me which is the priority. Let me guess.

6. Do your best to keep me late. I like the office and really have nowhere to go or anything to do.

7. If a job I do pleases you, keep it a secret. Leaks like that could cost me a promotion.

8. If you don't like my work, tell everyone. I like my name to be popular in conversation.

9. If you have special instructions for a job, don't write them down. If fact, save them until the job is almost done.

10. Never introduce me to the people you're with. When you refer to them later, my shrewd deductions will identify them.

11. Be nice to me only when the job I'm doing for you could really change your life.

12. Tell me all your little problems. No one else has any and it's nice to know someone is less fortunate.

Willow Sylph 08-27-2004 03:12 PM

I can relate to all of those, Clytie. Unfortunately...

Avalon 08-27-2004 10:17 PM


Audreyvgs 08-27-2004 11:57 PM

I must be bitchin and pissin alot about money. When I take Bink to the grocery store with me, and he's whining about not having his 837th hotwheel, I say, listen. Do you want to eat, or do you want to be hungry and play with a car. It's your choice. We don't go to the grocery store with unlimited money, now pick out something sensible to go in your lunchbox, and that's good enough, isn't it? And he usually backs right down and gets excited about havin baloney for lunch tomarrow. And I think, Whew!

SO. Bink lost a tooth yesterday. Yanked it himself, I didn't even know it was time, but he worked and worried it to death til it came out. I warned him that the tooth fairy didn't pay as well for subsequent teeth as she did for those first ones, besides, the people at the Montessori school where he used to go were still mad at me for givin him $5 for those first coupla teeth, and at this moment, I didn't have any cash anyway. I did scrounge for 6 quarters and found a hotwheels in the box that I'd forgotten to give him from vacation (another story)

I make the switch in the middle of the night ok, and this morning he is thrilled to death, holds out the quarters and says, I GOT 6 BUCKS!!!!!!! Seein its like 6 in the morning, I don't correct him. I let him think it, and he is also so in love with the Hotwheels, that he can't even take it out of the package.

He goes to school. I get a call around 11:30, its the teacher.

"Nicolas has lost another tooth." Im really shocked, I didn't even know he had another one loose! She said I wasn't going to believe what she was about to tell me, and she had had quite the laugh. She continued. "I told him, Nicolas!! Stop playing with that tooth, wait til you go home to yank it!" and he said, "I need to do this cause my mom really needs the grocery money!"

I laughed so hard that I think I broke her ears. She continued on, telling me how wonderful he was, and I was still laughin thru the whole conversation.

SO. I have to drive the Bink up to his OLD SCHOOL to meet one of his friends, he's goanna get to sleep on his friends dad's boat tonight, and tomorrow they're goin out shelling. i was talkin to the kid's mom, and unbeknownst to me, his former teacher comes out, and sees him, snags him and takes him into the office.

I notice he was gone, somebody told me where he was, and in the office, there was the head guy, another teacher, Mrs Thomas, and the Bink. Mrs Thomas had slid down the wall, and her eyes were welled up with tears. Everybody in there was tryin not to laugh, they know how sensitive our Mr. Binkleberg is...I asked what he'd said, and all Mrs Thomas could say was,,,,,"Grocery Money!!!!" All the while stifling a large hoot. All I could do is say, "Ohhhhh NOOO, the teacher called me with that one, I never did have the chance to tell him not to ....." and I dragged him out, so that they could have their laugh. THey all looked bout to explode.

I never did get the chance to have a word with him about that. The kid's dad came and swept him away, and I'm still laughin, trying to steal the grocery money for this new damn tooth. I'm a little worried if I leave him go with this Idea, he's goanna come back from the boat ride tomarrow having worked out all his baby teeth, gettin ready for Thanksgiving.

Avalon 08-28-2004 12:00 AM

The Bink is a good kid. The world needs more Binks!:cool:

Audreyvgs 08-28-2004 12:12 AM

Now that he's got 2 teeth missin, he looks kinda like a Halloween Pumpkin. I'll have to post a new pic. hahahaa he is sweet.

Coffee 08-28-2004 12:19 AM

That is just such a classic story book kid story Audrey.
What a super duper lil guy. I sure hope he has all his remaining teeth when he comes back from shelling.
You need to compile some of these into book form.

"The World According To Bink".

Audreyvgs 08-28-2004 12:30 AM

Aw, anybody gots kids, has these same stories...

Glad you guys like him! :D

zenbabe 08-28-2004 12:33 AM

hahahahhahaha!! I love it!!! :D

Smartypants 08-28-2004 12:50 AM


Originally posted by Audreyvgs
Aw, anybody gots kids, has these same stories...
That's only partly true -- they (and those that know them) have the same TYPE of stories, but each is slightly different and because there's so much extra stuff wrapped up in the individual kids that the stories seem completely unique -- and never fail to entertain. This one is a complete hoot and no doubt will become one of those stories that will be told in your family forever! Thanks for the belly laugh. :D :D

priceyfatprude 08-28-2004 03:20 AM


I love the Binkaboo. I really do.

Give him hugs from me. :D

Aphrodite 08-28-2004 11:02 AM


Originally posted by Coffee

"The World According To Bink".

I was thinking more along the lines of "Bink Bueller's Day Off"

Audreyvgs 08-29-2004 01:34 AM

Just as I'd feared, I went to pick him up at the boat, and he'd gotten rid of a 3rd tooth, now he really DOES look like a punkin. Pic tomarrow. He's gotten pink, too...all day in water and fishin. I didn't think he could! He's so lucky to have that no-burn skin. I, on the other hand am pretty ouchy after being outside for 2 hrs. Oh well, I was vitamin D deficient anyway.

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