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Hyakujo's Fox 10-12-2007 11:41 AM


Originally Posted by craig johnston (Post 364680)
sorry fox. silly me. what was the name of your pet sax player though?


Kenny "Budgie" G.

brightpearl 10-12-2007 11:57 AM

zero, did you name all of your ants, or just the one?


Originally Posted by T.I.P. (Post 364677)
Vermicelle was a tabby cat, long and stretchy (hence the name) - peryl guessed gerbil

was thinking about the tail...

Roosters are mad violent bastards, btw. You should be proud of having been brave enough to even go outside with one as a bitty guy. :D

This is a lot of fun, z; thanks for the topic. :)

zero 10-12-2007 01:09 PM


Originally Posted by beryl
zero, did you name all of your ants, or just the one?

:mad: waay too personal!!

brightpearl 10-12-2007 01:27 PM

^no, too personal would be asking how frequently you had sex with your ants...:eek:

I was just curious how you crafted all their teeny little nametags.

auntie aubrey 10-12-2007 01:31 PM

zero 10-12-2007 01:35 PM

i only had the one ant, and that was rory. it was long time ago, yet sometimes to this day when (for example) i'm floating on a perfect angle of shoulder and pillow, i still find myself thinking back with infinite fond ness to that sunny afternoon we spent together.

12"razormix 10-12-2007 02:44 PM

tony was a hamster. he found his sad death on my bike carrier rack one sunday afternoon as i had decided that he would benefit from going for a ride with me. being five years old, it did not occur to me that clamping poor tony to the back of my seat would break his spine... ( it did though )

tip's guess was frog.

zero 10-12-2007 03:00 PM

so sad. still, at least tony died doing something that not many hamsters have done before or since. console yourself knowing that the same would have happened even if he had been a frog.

it was one of yours early hair clamps you used, presumably?

12"razormix 10-12-2007 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by zero (Post 364706)
it was one of yours early hair clamps you used, presumably?

this is what killed tony

zero 10-12-2007 03:26 PM

o anyone could have made the same mistake xormiz, don't beat yourself up about it - who would have imagined that such an innocuous looking contraption would turn out to be a HAMSTER DEATH TRAP? twiggy forgives you.

12"razormix 10-12-2007 03:30 PM

i wanted him to be HAPPY! :(

zero 10-12-2007 03:38 PM

you did make him happy.. in a manner of speaking. see! he's looking down at you now from hamsterland in the sky, smiling happily. despite his little crumpled spine and grotesquely bulging eyeballs.


12"razormix 10-12-2007 03:41 PM

( i had 3 tonys in a row.. 2 more after tony no. 1! )

zero 10-12-2007 04:13 PM


(nobody ask her how tony2 and tony3 met their maker)

12"razormix 10-12-2007 04:26 PM

tony no. 2 killed himself whilst trying to escape from his cage.

after tony no. 3 died ( a very wholesome natural death ), my parents bought a guinea pig for me.

i named it tony.

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