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Frieda 12-24-2002 04:42 AM

Tom Jones: Mr Jones


salaud 12-24-2002 04:55 AM

How come I can't eat crayons?

Frieda 12-24-2002 05:17 AM

you can eat crayons.. you'll just shit in different colors. why do you call yourself an asshole?

agentsmith 12-24-2002 02:12 PM

because i am an asshole...
i'm an asshole living in an ass going out with an asshole who is an ass...and my dog smells like anus. she does. she licks her ass all the time. so her breath is anus-scented.

and if you want to shit different colors...eat rainbow sorbet rather then crayons...it works better. i know from past experiance!

salaud 12-24-2002 03:50 PM

My cat's breath smells like cat food!

agentsmith 12-24-2002 08:59 PM

well, unless my dog eats anus scented food, i dont think that the same applies to me, salaud...although you never know. i like wool mittens with moth-holes in them...and with spiders crawling out of them!:D

pantjamme 12-25-2002 03:27 AM

PHISH! <>< O.A.R., jimmie's chicken shack, ani difranco, howie day, emiliana torrini, incubus

agentsmith 12-25-2002 07:50 PM

i have to say it, i'm really feeling the ani defanco love in this thread...

bealeblues 12-26-2002 09:52 AM

the doors.... morrison hotel

(keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel....), etc

Frieda 12-27-2002 05:06 AM

robbie williams: escapology

moel 12-27-2002 02:04 PM

Goldberg Variations ... Glenn Gould

agentsmith 12-27-2002 07:53 PM

bill's so horny, 2 live crew

amanda 12-30-2002 09:37 AM

Doris Day

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

Deviate 12-30-2002 11:29 AM

Foo Foo by Santana... first time i've heard it. pretty good.


moel 12-30-2002 07:05 PM

eels - novocaine for the soul

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