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clairus99 09-27-2002 07:27 PM

100 Club (London)

Get down to the 100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, London W1.

It's been there for decades and probably hasn't changed much. But it has a rich history, great, great staff (especially RichieRachel), and reasonably priced booze. It's a good price to get in bearing in mind it's the West End.

It gets hot in there, but they don't turn up the heat to make you buy more drink.

They don't turn off the air-con. Because there isn't any. If it's really hot they will open the windows.

The crowd is always mixed and friendly.

And if you are lucky to be there when Mike Sanchez is playing....one guaranteed GOOD NIGHT OUT!!!


Basically there's different types of bands that play there - from old men playing the spoons, to red hot rock and roll, jazz-swing and indie. It was famous in the 70s for having a lot of punk bands playing there (esp the Sex Pistols - RichieRachel tells me that someone lost an eye at one of their gigs. I don't know if they ever found it....)

Anyway. Get down there, and tell either John or Dave (I don't know his name, he just looks like a Dave), or even the lovely RichieRachel that the PLAYGIRLS sent you.

Have fun!!


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