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xfox 03-17-2007 06:39 PM

ineluctable - witless, as in, he had a brain like a cucumber.

lostsadie 03-19-2007 08:19 PM

The plain reality award Goes to Dictionary.com for:


incapable of being evaded; inescapable: an ineluctable destiny.
(The ineluctable duty of choosing the next word will be passed on today :) )

Thank you Marcus in your divine use of the word. I see you found it to be your ineluctable duty to receive the first review in your ineluctable way. So you receive the first round of kudos (not to be confused with Cooties)

ineluctable - going first in a game or endeavor of many participants wherein being overlooked is important.

Even when Trisherina was but a child, she had profound insight into human nature, and when dodgeball was called as the recess game, she was always ineluctable as the first dodger, secure in the knowledge that the undodgeable barrage of balls would be reserved for the players behind her.

Next comes Brynn with the I'm so sorry for the nose bleed seats Award with:

ineluctable - either "unlickable" or "unelectable" in sign language, but one would need binoculars to know for sure.

And trisherina the I've been all over Vegas looking for that Award:

ineluctable: where you go to lose at high-stakes baccarat.

And to eepsilon goes the Why was Bush considered Eluctable then? Award.

ineluctable: a word used exclusively by the Bush administration to describe Al Gore's situation in the 2000 presidential election.

Bush to Karl Rove on the eve of the Supreme Court Ruling: "Quite simply, Turdblossom, we need to make sure that Gore remains ineluctable"

*okay, so maybe its a little too easy, but I couldn't resist using Bush's nickname for somebody in context!

And to daverbee goes the Black Hole tongue award for:


1. A state of complete blankness whilst playing a Dictionary Game.

Daver was ineluctable when it came time to present his definition.

2. Being at a loss for words.

Try as he might to come back with a clever retort, all that came out of Daver's ineluctable mouth was, "Ukk...ukkk...uhhhhh."

3. George Bush's condition whenever he is confronted with a situation in which he has to think for himself.

When asked about political favoritism, President Bush ineluctably responded, " !" which caused snickering all around the press conference.

Hyakujo's Fox wins the Dark Side of the Moon" Award for:

Ineluctable (adj) unable to be well lit

"Finally we reached the hall, each of our separate minds tightly gripped by the darkest of expectations, and each fearing to behold a sight that it could only dare imagine in the vaguest terms. But gazing into the great hall, we saw nothing disturbed. Everything stood, solid and resolute, in the precise place that it had occupied not more than a few hours ago, and for all we could see and know, for many years preceding that. Suddenly a sharp cold draft descended upon us from above, and with such a force that it extinguished all our torches in its passing. And it seemed then to my strained mind, as if this icy gust had lain in wait for our arrival, like an insubstantial cat, crouched and tense in the air itself, before it sprung upon us, around us, and through us, and indeed through our very souls.

We were standing now in darkness, only the four large windows overlooking the lawn revealed themselves, in palest grey. I felt the fear rising in my body, and the room now seemed as if a flooding cave and the black cold water of the earth was rushing in, determined to have us. It was a sound that then dragged me from this fantasy of terror and into a terror altogether more real. The sound was of a long scraping claw or hook dragging down the distant wall, catching and tearing the paper as it went. Then the sound of a chair knocked to the ground came and I felt Emily now close beside me, and she let out a small low cry, almost a moaning. I could not imagine a more fearful and pathetic cry could come from her body had she been face to face with Death itself. But Emily's fear had awakened a courage in my own heart and I fumbled in the darkness to relight the torch, and finally succeeding I held it aloft to light the room. The damage we had heard was clearly evident, but again the room seemed still. I held the torch as high as I could but nothing out of place was to be seen. I took a step forward, and Emily, fixed to her spot, released her grip on my arm. Then I took another step. Emily then pleaded with me in the strongest terms to stop my advance, begging me to remember I had obligations to the living as well as the dead, but something inside me had now gone past all reason. Moving along the room, I advanced finally toward the edge of the large table and I knew that whatever it was that had killed poor Richard could only lie in the shadow beyond the edge of that table. I took one more step and leant forward, the torch held high, and I saw the shape of that thing, dark beyond all fathoming, like a hole without end, ineluctable..." <See it was in there :p LS

"The Event At Maystone House", Charles Wyatt, 1873.

funkytuba wins the Ain't it great to be a treky? Award for:

ineluctable unable to provide French boys with a second hyphenated name

Fortunately for Captain Picard, his parents had not been ineluctable when naming him, or else he would have been simply "Jean Picard", and not had the name to support his Federation career.

The Who doesn't love unsalted Cabbage stew? award goes to Madmack for:

ineluctable - ene·luc·ta·ble
Pronunciation: any-'lek-t&-b&l
An absence of emotion
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, from Latin: ene of none and lucialis to delight.

O'hara's cabbage stew proved to be just the ineluctable treat we all thought it would be.

xfox Wins the Why you gotta say those things about me ? award for:

ineluctable- witless, as in, he had a brain like a cucumber.

Marcus Bales Get's the coveted and sought after second place award, if he can explain exactly what a perfect Belly button looks like. I think my omphalos is perfect but then again I am biased.

ineluctable - preference for one kind of oomphalos over another.

Davers' eyes were drawn ineluctably to her perfectly-formed belly-button.

Coffee wins the ineluctable duty and charge of first place, for making the judge feel sorry for Eunice and wanting to let her win for once. You receive the 12,585th time is the charm Award for:


Inability to have luck.

Eunice after 40 years of trying to get a jackpot, in complete denial of her ineluctable nature, purchased and scratched off her 12,584th losing lotto ticket, tossing away yet another dollar into the super secret US ex CIA agent retirement entitlement program.

We can debate later if this is lucky for you or not, please fullfil your ineluctable duty and supply us with a new word...pretty please.


Coffee 03-20-2007 11:15 AM

Thankee...how luctable for me.

The new word is:

Marcus Bales 03-20-2007 12:24 PM

scud -- a mallwalker turned browser who never buys anything but who asks interminable questions of the staffs of the stores; a timewaster.

"The important thing in retail sales is to learn to tell the difference between the real prospects and the scuds ..." -- Retail Sales for the Professional, Robert Closer, 1977, Bantam Books

dinzdale 03-20-2007 12:45 PM

scud n.

The resultant brown streak found in underpants after a singularly horrendously loud, violent and explosive flatulent emission of intestinal gas (a.k.a a ripsnorter). It differs from a skiddie, which is the birthmark left by insufficient wiping of the ringpiece, in that it is partially burnt cotton or other fabric, and as a result it irremovable by detergent cleaning. Kex that contain scuds must be disposed of by incineration or burial at sea.

If that's not left a scud, I'll eat my head - Uriah Heep (C.Dickens)

Madmack 03-20-2007 12:52 PM

Scud: A dyslexic colloquialism for multiple regurgitated, partially digested foods generally found in ruminants, and some circus performers.

So 'thar we was just quiet like, chawing on our scuds, when outta nowheres, In come the bearded lady and the lion tamer

daverbee 03-20-2007 09:38 PM


Refried potatoes. Usually served in hobo camps by hobos who are too drunk to fry them right the first time.

xfox 03-21-2007 12:10 AM

scud heavy duty frim, often seen in flatfish class sloops, which never need caulking with a mallet and tar from the outside, since scud impacts through the planks from the inside. Very cool stuff, if you can get it.

trisherina 03-21-2007 12:37 AM

scud:From sancerre conversiad uxortium diacrit, A conversational pattern wherein two people interacting with a third speak so loudly over one another that the meaning of neither's joke can be discerned; always followed by awkward laughter and tennis-match head-swiveling as everyone looks around for cues.

Bman 03-21-2007 01:21 AM

scud: see scum and/or crud

Hyakujo's Fox 03-21-2007 08:16 AM

scud - a delicacy in some parts consisting of the dried semi-chewed cud of a camel, dipped in honey.

Brynn 03-21-2007 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by xfox (Post 337792)
scud heavy duty frim, often seen in flatfish class sloops, which never need caulking with a mallet and tar from the outside, since scud impacts through the planks from the inside. Very cool stuff, if you can get it.

scud - (slang) 1. obvious and affectionate pandering to the judge. 2. the act of pointing out obvious and affectionate pandering to judges and contestants in a bald attempt to skew results. 3. causing the judge enough mild existential angst to hesitate momentarily over a definition that he had no intention of choosing as winner before awarding the prize to another more deserving (and perhaps pandering) definition (after fighting off the impulse either to appear impervious to suggestion or to ignore it altogether in an attempt to appear impartial to himself).

Xfox scudded her way to a Dictionary Game victory, in spite of Brynn's obvious attempts to scud her entry in the eyes of a sweetly scuddable judge.

Marcus Bales 03-22-2007 10:55 PM

scud - a donut that's been on the ground fewer than five seconds -- whoever shouts "Scud!" first gets it.

"Scud!" shouted Dinz at the Zefrank party, and grabbed the donut and took an enormous bite. Trish looked away, muttering "That donut wasn't chocolate-covered when it left the table...."

Brynn 03-22-2007 11:15 PM

"'scud" - a phrase uttered laconically by cowboys upon encountering vomitus from bovines.

funkytuba 03-23-2007 01:33 AM

scud - a term describing the realization that happens when you think you know what a term means but in fact you have no clue and that fact is proven to you in as humiliating way possible.

While studying the Tufted Titmouse, Schoolboy Dinzdale walked up to the schoolmaster teaching avian taxonomy and said "nice tits", whereupon said schoolmaster gave him a scud by making him spend the rest of class sitting up front on the dunce stool wearing nothing but a brassiere and jockstrap the sadistic teacher bastard kept in his bottom drawer for just such an occasion.

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