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zero 07-07-2008 05:41 PM

i wish you could've actually said the word.. you know.. "pudding"?

the way you say "pudding" gives me a

zero 07-07-2008 05:42 PM


Brynn 07-07-2008 10:21 PM


Originally Posted by lukkucairi (Post 391516)
gruel :p

til my teeths recover from the denentist fwkkin with them


here's a knock knock joke you can tell while your toofies hurt -

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
Dishwasher who?
Dishwasher way I shounded before I got my denshurs fixed.

Stephi_B 07-08-2008 07:56 AM

We have what you descendants of the people who crossed Asia on horseback call kifli, it's called Hörnchen, but actually I've never seen them in Berlin, only in the South, where, as redneckish and/or provincial folks there sometimes (or often) are, there is the true knownledge about the 1001 ways how to make bread ;)

¿ How do you like it ?

Marcus Bales 07-08-2008 09:38 AM

It's no better than the one before.

Stephi_B 07-08-2008 10:18 AM


I like it simple and healthily spoilt or spicy with milk.

Hyakujo's Fox 07-08-2008 10:38 AM

sunny side up

brightpearl 07-08-2008 10:56 AM


zero 07-08-2008 11:06 AM


Originally Posted by Stephi_B
¿ How do you like it ?

*HUG* don't worry stephi, it'll soon grow back.

where did you get it done? you could ask them for a refund

Stephi_B 07-08-2008 11:11 AM


(but you really gotta clean your monitor ;))

Brynn 07-08-2008 06:45 PM

rare to medium rare

lukkucairi 07-08-2008 09:36 PM

onna stick :)

T.I.P. 07-08-2008 10:19 PM

al dente

Marcus Bales 07-08-2008 11:39 PM

Pun-filled. I sat next to Al Dente in social studies in 7th grade. He and Sal Monella and I used to spitball the blackboard.

trisherina 07-09-2008 01:29 AM

dark & bittersweet

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