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Brynn 08-29-2007 11:22 PM

rapscalious rob 08-30-2007 04:13 AM

haha - brilliant! :cool:

brightpearl 08-30-2007 06:36 AM

^That's because there's really only one story. :)

Odbe 08-30-2007 08:19 AM


Originally Posted by brightpearl (Post 360301)
^That's because there's really only one story. :)

It's the story of life, man. Can you feel it?

Odbe 08-30-2007 08:20 AM

I'm sorry, that was uncalled for.

Odbe 08-30-2007 08:22 AM

Who you lookin at?

brightpearl 08-30-2007 05:30 PM

^Naw, Odbe, I think you got my meaning. I don't require weed to think of it that way, but I think the two often go together. :D

Odbe 08-31-2007 03:40 AM

Not in every case :D

auntie aubrey 08-31-2007 12:23 PM


Originally Posted by Tunesmith (Post 360364)

so many lollerskates.

brightpearl 09-01-2007 05:15 AM


Originally Posted by Hyakujo's Fox (Post 360596)

Ohhhhh, lordy. :D

brightpearl 09-01-2007 08:25 PM

I had my kiddo at a place with lots of carnival-style games today, and we played one called "Raging Ape." You have to hold on to these two metal levers, and they vibrate like mad to simulate voltage. If you hold on long enough, the big fiberglass king kongy gorilla begins to emit smoke from his mouth and ears. It really was sort of hard not to let go, and there was a lot of giggling. We made it through the "high" setting a couple of times, and my hands felt weird for half an hour.

Jaime 09-02-2007 12:23 AM


Originally Posted by brightpearl (Post 360602)
Ohhhhh, lordy. :D

I still prefer this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6a8T...elated&search=

Edit: And I can't stop laughing at this:

Stretchy kitty!

brightpearl 09-03-2007 07:02 PM

Ooh, I'm going to ruin Marge's idea of me. :D

I think it's just as true of girlfriends. Does that make me more cynical, or less?

rapscalious rob 09-03-2007 07:53 PM

shut up i hack you
ok, i'm quiet, hope you don't show us how good a hacker you are ^^
tell me your network number man then you're dead
Eh, it's
or maybe
yes exactly that's it: I'm waiting for you great attack
in five minutes your hard drive is deleted
Now I'm frightened
shut up you'll be gone
i have a program where i enter your ip and you're dead
say goodbye
to whom?
to you man
buy buy
I'm shivering thinking about such great Hack0rs like you
* bitchchecker (~java@euirc-61a2169c.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit (Ping timeout#)

Tunesmith 09-04-2007 01:36 PM


Originally Posted by auntie aubrey (Post 356853)


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