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trisherina 07-09-2007 12:07 PM

You know, that one gets stuck in my head at least once a week without any help from you, thank you very much! :(

Avalon 07-09-2007 12:20 PM

Yes, I know.
Believe it or not, it could be much worse...there is a video. I refused to take it that far. :)

auntie aubrey 07-09-2007 12:27 PM



lukkucairi 07-09-2007 12:44 PM

forgive me...

a top 10 candidate for Best Nonsense Lyrics in a Self-Referential Song.

brightpearl 07-09-2007 12:51 PM

^I hate you. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

I'll be sending you a bill for the therapy.

lukkucairi 07-09-2007 12:56 PM

"...and though you hate this song, you'll be humming it for weeks!"

they're right, you know ;)

trisherina 07-09-2007 01:19 PM

even these will do it

Frieda 07-09-2007 01:25 PM

i am taking this to the next level

lukkucairi 07-09-2007 01:47 PM

oh god NO! not the LLAMA SONG!

that's just unfair :p

Hyakujo's Fox 07-10-2007 08:39 AM

you can't stop progress!

Marcus Bales 07-10-2007 08:48 AM

What do I use to insert a video link with a picture here?


brightpearl 07-10-2007 09:22 AM

^There's a little box that says "embed" to the side of the video; copy the whole big long thing in the box and paste it here. (Thanks to Brynn for teaching me that in the first place!)

Here it is (though I prefer the Randy Newman version ;) ):

brightpearl 07-10-2007 11:02 AM

For lulu

lukkucairi 07-10-2007 12:10 PM

now that's origami!

this is origami too :p

brightpearl 07-10-2007 12:46 PM

^If that bites, I'm going to be very upset.

For some reason, that reminds me of this, which is still one of the funniest dreams I've ever heard. It's right up there with the "dry spell" one my friend had, about being in the desert with a bunch of carrots.

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