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MoJoRiSin 04-23-2012 12:11 AM

hypothetical post two unrelated things thread ::
If you read the biography of BenFranklin
it speaks about him spending some years in
France and all the women around him shaved their
heads and word powdered wigs because some smart
had decided that lice or fleas might carry the plauge
or some such
O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock
The meat it feeds on; that cuckold lives in bliss
Who, certain of his fate, loves not his wronger.
Othello (3.3.189-92)

MoJoRiSin 04-23-2012 10:47 PM

i sow the movie Anonymous and believe it over
and actor being a poet
i read this (see copy and paste below)
the other day and though it interesting

Shakespeare's sonnets
One of Shakespeare's sonnets, number 145, has been claimed to make reference to Anne Hathaway; the words 'hate away' may be a pun (in Elizabethan pronunciation) on 'Hathaway'. It has also been suggested that the next words, "And saved my life", would have been indistinguishable in pronunciation from "Anne saved my life".[12] The sonnet differs from all the others in the length of the lines. Its fairly simple language and syntax have led to suggestions that it was written much earlier than the other, more mature, sonnets.

Those lips that Love's own hand did make
Breathed forth the sound that said 'I hate'
To me that languish'd for her sake;
But when she saw my woeful state
Straight in her heart did mercy come,
Chiding that tongue that ever sweet
Was used in giving gentle doom,
And taught it thus anew to greet:
'I hate' she alter'd with an end,
That follow'd it as gentle day
Doth follow night, who like a fiend
From heaven to hell is flown away;
'I hate' from hate away she threw,
And saved my life, saying 'not you.'
~wikipedia dot org / Anne Hathaway Spakespeare
oh wait there is a page in the illiad coming to mind
on second thought
i will
turn this into
a hypothetical post two unrelated things thread
just a moment....

^ i searched and searched though multiple renditions to no avail
however i really like one of the quotations
that i have
copy and pasted
more later,

Fate and Free Will Quotes
and its devastation, which put pains thousandfold upon the Achaians, hurled in their multitudes to the house of Hades strong souls of heroes, but gave their bodies to be the delicate feasting of do...
Pride Quotes
(Agamemnon:) 'Still I am willing to give her back, if such is the best way. I myself desire that my people be safe, not perish. Find me then some prize that shall be my own, lest I only among the A...
Mortality Quotes
Thereafter beginning from the left he poured drinks for the other gods, dipping up from the mixing bowl the sweet nectar. But among the blessed immortals uncontrollable laughter went up as they saw...
Competition Quotes
(Agamemnon:) 'Forever quarrelling is dear to your heart, and wars and battles; and if you are very strong indeed, that is a god's gift.' (1.177-178)
Compassion and Forgiveness Quotes
Now as he came back the king spun another entangling treachery; for choosing the bravest men in wide Lykia he laid a trap, but these men never came home thereafter since all of them were killed by...
Friendship Quotes
These two terrified and in awe of the king stood waiting quietly, and did not speak a word at all nor question him. But he knew the whole matter in his own heart, and spoke first: 'Welcome, heralds...
Love Quotes
(Helen:) 'Strange divinity! Why are you still so stubborn to beguile me? Will you carry me further yet somewhere among cities fairly settled? […] Go yourself and sit beside him, abandon the g...
Hate Quotes
(Achilleus:) 'You wine sack, with a dog's eyes, with a deer's heart. Never once have you taken courage in your heart to arm with your people for battle, or go into ambuscade with the best of the Ac...
Warfare Quotes
Meriones in turn killed Phereklos, son of Harmonides, the smith, who understood how to make with his hand all intricate things, since above all others Pallas Athene had loved him. He it was who had...
Religion Quotes
(Chryses:) 'Hear me, lord of the silver bow who set your power about Chryse and Killa the sacrosanct, who are lord in strength over Tenedos, Smintheus, if ever it pleased your heart that I built yo...
~ google "iliad quotations" and chose first choice SIMPLE!

Odbe 04-24-2012 10:53 PM

'This time next week I'll be on the plane, flying to New York. You know this, you believe it, here are the tickets, the passport, the visa stuck and stamped, but somehow it's not real. You know the days will pass and you'll be there in that place doing that thing and yet somehow this present moment is all there is, that later moment has no power, and then when it does happen you look back on the unbelieving time and say to yourself, see, here we are. Didn't we know it all the time? And she thought, death will be like that; is; has been. You think, one day, soon, later, and it's not real. And then one day you'll be finding yourself in that moment, like the plane going to New York, and you'll be dying, and you'll be living through the moments of death, and maybe it will be expected and logical, like the plane journey, and with interest and pleasure at the end of it. Your body staring eyed and lolling mouthed, but the little manikin of the soul buckling its seat belt and looking forward to the free drinks and the next stop.'

MoJoRiSin 04-25-2012 12:55 AM


MoJoRiSin 04-30-2012 12:56 AM


MoJoRiSin 05-12-2012 12:48 PM

Post something that made you Smile today.....

"Please visit me on Facebook and Twitter an hit the "like" and "follow" buttons"



MoJoRiSin 05-16-2012 03:20 AM

of violence jealousy*, war
and greed
see also the nest to the last
in the tao te ching

just my 2sent

ps please remember
to teach your girls to read

pretty please with sugar on top

MoJoRiSin 05-22-2012 01:30 PM

error messages to post
cannot connect with the wordfeud server

MoJoRiSin 05-23-2012 11:03 PM

i just thought of something
s=th (sometimes) :)

MoJoRiSin 05-23-2012 11:04 PM

i just thought of something
s=th (sometimes) :)

MoJoRiSin 05-30-2012 09:00 PM

now what am i thinking ??
Act 3 ::
3 One day Peter and John were going up to the temple at the time of prayer
—at three in the afternoon. <???

~The Bible
NIV rendition

MoJoRiSin 06-02-2012 07:10 PM

hypothetical post two unrelated things thread ::
When Odysseus arrives at the palace the next day, still disguised as a beggar,
he endures abuse and insults from the suitors. The only person who recognizes him is his old nurse, Eurycleia, but she swears not to
disclose his secret. Penelope takes an interest in this strange beggar, suspecting that he might be her long-lost husband. Quite crafty herself, Penelope organizes an archery contest the following day and promises to marry any man who can string Odysseus’s great bow and fire an arrow through a row of twelve axes—a feat that only Odysseus has ever been able to accomplish. At the contest, each suitor tries to string the bow and fails. Odysseus steps up to the bow and, with little effort, fires an arrow through all twelve axes. He then turns the bow on the suitors. He and Telemachus, assisted by a few faithful servants, kill every last suitor.

Odysseus reveals himself to the entire palace and reunites with his loving Penelope. He travels to the outskirts of Ithaca to see his aging father, Laertes. They come under attack from the vengeful family members of the dead suitors, but Laertes, reinvigorated by his son’s return, successfully kills Antinous’s father and puts a stop to the attack. Zeus dispatches Athena to restore peace. With his power secure and his family reunited, Odysseus’s long ordeal comes to an end.
~copy and pasted
source : http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/odyssey/

"life's a bitch, then you die" ???

MoJoRiSin 06-03-2012 12:13 PM


i am happy now


MoJoRiSin 06-07-2012 09:41 PM

Ze's most recent couple of talks have got my mind to wondering

about the word
"stupid" and about all those groups of people with
suffixing their tribal names
there are very few words that start with id
that do not have a long i sound
for example:
idea ideal idem idle idol idly idyl idom idem
id, idiot and idiom are the only ones i can think of
off the top of my head...

in our own small town or country we will simply do away with this sort of thing
all together

MoJoRiSin 06-08-2012 12:38 AM

hypothetical post two unrelated things thread ::
if a man has the experience
of being shipwrecked the
of becoming a well known poet
is very significantly higher
than in the general population
(mo thinks)

Enoch Arden
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other uses, see Enoch Arden (disambiguation).
"Enoch Arden" is a narrative poem published in 1864 by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, during his tenure as England's Poet Laureate. The story on which it was based was provided to Tennyson by Thomas Woolner.

"Enoch Arden" (watercolour painting by George Goodwin Kilburne)
The hero of the poem, fisherman turned merchant sailor Enoch Arden, leaves his wife Annie and three children to go to sea with his old captain, who offers him work after he had lost his job due to an accident; in a manner that reflects the hero's masculine view of personal toil and hardship to support his family, Enoch Arden left his family to better serve them as a husband and father. However during his voyage, Enoch Arden is shipwrecked on a desert island with two companions; both eventually die, leaving Arden alone there. This part of the story is reminiscent of Robinson Crusoe. Enoch Arden remains lost and missing for ten years.

He finds upon his return from the sea that, after his long absence, his wife, who believed him dead, is married happily to another man, his childhood friend Philip (Annie has known both men since her childhood, thus the rivalry), and has a child by him. Enoch's life remains unfulfilled, with one of his children now dead, and his wife and remaining children now being cared for by his onetime rival.

Tragically Enoch does not ever reveal to his wife and children that he is really alive, he loves her too much to spoil her new happiness, and Enoch dies of a broken heart.

The story could be considered a variation on and antithesis to the Classical myth of Odysseus, who after an absence of 20 years at the Trojan War and at sea found a faithful wife who had been loyally waiting for him.

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