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JunaD 09-26-2006 04:28 PM

It's funny if you know someone who plays RPGs online.:D

craig johnston 09-26-2006 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by schark
Sorry. I thought it was funny.

sorry, but we're a bit spam-sensitive around here sometimes.

schark 09-26-2006 10:57 PM

Didn't mean to spam. I'm just an actor proud of my show.

I'm actually the guy in the hat.

Jack Flanders 09-26-2006 11:28 PM

^^^ OK, two guys had hats. Are you EriK? Work on it.

Jaime 09-27-2006 01:27 AM

Jack Flanders 09-27-2006 01:32 AM

Ouch! Have cats.

schark 09-27-2006 10:05 AM

Sorry, I meant the guy in the big hat that was being discussed.

Yes, I am Erik, and work on what?

ambo 09-27-2006 01:52 PM


ambo 09-27-2006 10:32 PM

Yeah, that is funny.

lapietra 09-28-2006 03:49 PM


Jack Flanders 09-28-2006 04:05 PM

^^^ Funny!!! (I think they need to keep the door closed - their water bill must be awful!)

lapietra 09-28-2006 04:14 PM

No kidding... silly cat.

schark 09-29-2006 05:09 PM

Fast Times at Hero High


auntie aubrey 09-29-2006 05:11 PM

^^ nothing on earth has ever been less funny than that.

auntie aubrey 09-29-2006 05:12 PM

....except maybe drowning kittens. that would be less funny.

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