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lukkucairi 05-25-2007 06:42 PM

awright veruki, my very own pan galactic gargle blaster!

a great way to celebrate towel day :D

Veruki 05-25-2007 06:56 PM

Oh it was nothing :D ...here's the recipe...

"The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster was invented by Zaphod Beeblebrox, its original recipe is as follows:

Take the juice from one bottle of that Ol' Janx Spirit.
Pour into it one measure of water from the seas of Santraginus V.
Allow three cubes of Arcturan Mega-gin to melt into the mixture (it must be properly iced or the benzene is lost).
Allow four litres of Fallian marsh gas to bubble through it.
Over the back of a silver spoon float a measure of Qalactin Hypermint extract.
Drop in the tooth of an Algolian Suntiger.
Sprinkle Zamphuor.
Add an olive.
Drink . . . but . . . very carefully . . . "

priceyfatprude 05-25-2007 08:10 PM

French Martini, please, bratendah?

zero 05-25-2007 08:23 PM

aunt prude is in the bra!

i'm so excited i forgot what you asked for

what was it again? or perhaps m. terry ą paris is the one you desire to fetch your ♥french c°nc°cti°n♥?

priceyfatprude 05-25-2007 08:56 PM

French Martini, oui oui

pineapple juice
ketel one

shaken not stirred, s'il vous plait

T.I.P. 05-25-2007 08:58 PM

it would be a pleasiour, madame, monsieur, eef it were not my b r e a dtime.
ok, maybe for you olde posters, i make acception.

One french martini, coming right up.

voilą. Enjoy !

priceyfatprude 05-25-2007 09:05 PM

Merci bowcups!!!!

zero 05-25-2007 09:09 PM

:mad: don't thank him aunt prude - didn't you notice? he just called us a pair of old toasters!
come on, get your handbag and tiara - we're leaving this bra RIGHT NOW!



lukkucairi 05-25-2007 09:50 PM

"throw down your gun and tiara and come out of the float!"

10 points if you can name that 80s pop culture reference ;)

now the melodrama's left, can I get a rye on the rocks?

Veruki 05-26-2007 12:33 AM

^ oo me pick me, please pick me! me, me, me, me!

Julie Brown!

Crap I think I've had to much sake...

what?? there's more! yessss! If anyone want to join me in having some sake and cuddles, I'll be in the corner...

lukkucairi 05-26-2007 09:43 AM

missed sake time, but I'll make you up a cup of this good builder's tea. put hair on your chest, or curl your teeth or something


and yes, the homecoming queen's got a gun! ;)

Frieda 05-26-2007 06:41 PM

hello :)

i'm having bacardi, a bit of sugar syrpup, some mint leafies and a huge chunk of ice which i just tried to destroy up with a hammer. oh, and water with bubbles. and an orange straw :)

if anyone wants one, there's more!

T.I.P. 05-26-2007 07:10 PM

i'd love one. Might I suggest adding a dash of angostura bitters? It gives the mojito that special island flavor. Delicious !

Frieda 05-26-2007 07:20 PM

it should have some lime too.. but i dont have any
and this one wroks fine :) :)

tee hee

Frieda 05-26-2007 07:22 PM

tee hee hee :D

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