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Originally Posted by Zeismyhero
Week two has begun! I actually didn't do so badly calorie-wise last week, but I'm trying to watch the carbs - even the good, complex ones - and make sure the lean protein is there.

Drinking a bit on the weekends does not do a lot for those numbers! But it's back to the discipline now that it's Monday.

My exercise machine should arrive between this Wednesday and next Thursday...yes!!

Hope you all are still with me on this journey to be less!
That's great! And I'm still with you. My gym was closed for maintenance this weekend, so it was tough going this morning after not going for a while, but on saturday my mom, brother and I went down to the bog near my house for a fairly brisk walk. We were down there for 2 hours. It's beautiful in there, and although we did start a bit later than we should have, we saw an owl, so it was very worth it.

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