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The Great Outdoors. Thy have best sub sandwiches ever. It's a small, local franchise that is owned (or at least used to be) by this wacky military guy who insists on every ingredient being measured perfectly by the ounce. They also have awesome ice cream and shakes. Don't confuse them with the Great American Hero, however. That one is very similar, because it's owned by the wacky military guy's brother. They started out as partners and then had some falling out and I guess the court settlement divided them up. But the quality of the Great American Hero does not match that of the Great Outdoors. Try the Invention (#21 i think)! MMMMM


It's actually in Littleton. A tinly little cafe with a warm, fuzzy atmosphere. If you go in more than once, count on being recognized and treated like an old friend. They switch out the menus on a weekly basis, but it doesn't matter because everything is good.

They have a website:


In a suburb, Roselle. Their menu has everything. I even forgave them the goofy photo the had of Dubya when he visited because I liked the food that much.
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