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When I lived in Dallas, we used to eat at Cantina Laredo on Royal Lane. That was 4 years ago, though. No idea if it's still good.

Also, after midnight movies at the Inwood, Cafe Brazil is on Abrams at Richmond. Open 24 hours. And good omelets, desserts.

Alright, that's all I have. When I lived there my friends and I usually felt compelled to eat at a lot of in-the-way eats, like Copelands and Blue Mesa (miss those sweet potato chips, though). We all sort of grew out of that when we we no longer, ya know, 16. But I'd moved away by then

And I can't really do much for Denver and Chicago. When I lived in those places, I was too young to eat out much, or when I did, care about anything but the color of crayon I got with my kiddie menu.
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