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You know what is really annoying, assholes. All this effort to keep second hand smoke out of public places but they still let the assholes in. Why isn't someone lobbying against that? They let me stroll in where ever I damn well please knowing full well that I am going to piss someone off. I smoke as well, it isn't required but it is a very good prop in assisting assholery. Nothing is more fun than going into a deli or some such place, sitting down, light up a cigarette and start talking politics very loudly.

As a smoker I always attempt to have consideration for non-smokers. I don't mind No-smoking businesses and such but where it goes wrong is telling an owner of a private business that he can not allow smoking in his establishment. Where does that end? Banning smoking in peoples homes, their cars? Non-smokers need to worry more about what industries are filling our air with, they are doing 100 times the damage to your lungs that me and my ciggy are.

As far as the co-worker goes if he stinks he stinks, whether it be from BO or smoke. That is a human resources problem, whatever the stench, if it impedes work then something must be done.

I wish to hell you were here so you could beat the hell out of me til i could quit. Damn, im so freakin weak. and, evidently I smell like smashed ass. hahahahaha but seriously tho. Please sit on me and don't let me up for like 2 weeks. If it rains, i'll wash my clothes.
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