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Princess Puppy Poo, aka Layla, was spayed today. She LIVED! Momma was so worried. She is recovering nicely. Just a little sleepy. Well, a lot sleepy. She had a little dinner tonight and is drinking her water. So, I am happy and relieved. It was so cute when I went to pick her up. They took me into the exam room and when they brought her to me, she started wagging her tail. They put her on the table and she wobbled up to me and stood on her hind legs, yelped, (my poor baby) and licked my nose. I feel bad about having it done, but know it is necessary. My boyfriend was kind of pushing not to do it and have her bred so we could have another cute little precious dog, but the health risks to her were too great for my liking. I would rather have her for potentially 15 years than another puppy.

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