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Here's a good target.

Here's why: Not a class in session yet and I have already been asked to teach an additional after school "credit recovery" class. Not in session and they've already failed it seems.

These kids, they don't learn the traditional way. I already know who they will be. Kyle. Cannot write to save his ass. Throws stuff if he has to and people treat him like a child because of it. He feels that you know? But in the end of last year, I did not listen to advice and brought my new toy to school to see how he would play with it and he composed a video essay from filming (I took the film he directed me to take), learning the program to put the clips together. He added all the fancy stuff and taught me how to do it myself. He did it all in three weeks. In school time that means he went from nothing to basic mastery in . .. .(doing math just a sec) 16 hours. There's some extra time there from a normal period schedule because the kid hung out at my door until I agreed to let him work on it during his lunch.

Here it is on the ORG with his permission. It's not Spielberg, but it's an essay, it's cohesive and I can tie all but one strand to it: writing. (If I can get him to write a story board for it and then put it in sentences then he can pass the awful effing tests and graduate.) I think it's called scaffolding but I don't care. Can you imagine what he could have accomplished with a more tech adept teacher? I can and it is killing me. The people here seem to have ideas like gems I cannot reach to give to these kids!

He is only one example I have hundreds. They are everywhere and they are being failed by education as it exists today. Kyle is coming back by the skin of his teeth because he's 18 and has exhibited "little or no desire to show that he can learn," so I have been told. I tend to disagree. Don't you?

Finding these kids, who would LOVE to learn in a digital environment and would work for it is not too tough (and you wouldn't need many to demo the environment). Most of the ones I know are either incarcerated, enrolled in GED courses, or attending after school credit recovery classes (all public schools have their version now because of something called AYP and because the kids are worth it. And schools would likely be keen on help too. Assistant principals are the people to contact for candidates.)

English can be paired with anything and is a natural fit as both audio, video and text (and things I don't know about too) can be used in a digital learning environment. Pairing it with tech would be innate to the environment as would citizenship (that's rules right?) but also pairing it with sciences is downright sassy and plays to the learners' real world apps.

I read Innovation again and again. They want environment in front of content.

A digital learning community: a school.

The idea I posted earlier is wordy. But if anyone has the skills to make that environment or something like it (and communicate a timeline and budget), it might win. It's a match for the grant and more. It could use all the new tools and toys that have already been created for schools. There are so many just links away.

I withdrew because I was intimidated by things I do not know and used work as an excuse, but then I went to work. And I am writing this now not because of what I know, but who I know. I know Kyle. I had to give it another shot.

If you all decide to go another way, I wish you the very best of luck. And if anyone maintains interest beyond this point and wants my help such as it is, I will find the time.
Forgive me now. You have no idea how much time it will save.
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