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A mock learning environment

There are four pages on Xanga.

The usernames are:


All the passwords are: duckie

I secured the pages using "friends lock" in the privacy section of the account information. If you aren't logged in as a friend of one of the accounts you can't see the pages. They aren't anything special, they are just examples. Comments and mock community building present and there's a video on one of them with a mini sample lesson of sorts with sample objectives and sample eval description. All pretty rough.

I chose that space because of the tools available on it. It seems easy enough to use for natives and immigrants and allows for multiple levels of communication. Still, it's only to get across the idea of the thing.

If you want to see the pages log into one and look about. There are several ways to get to the others at just a click. If you want to play with them go ahead. They can and will be deleted when I remember to do it anyway.
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