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MMMmmmm... my first kiss...

His name was Brett Joshua Ingram, his birthday was February 14th, 1969, and he was very physically mature for a 12 year old... as was I.

All the girls at the little private school I attended were CRAZY about him... even 14 and 15 year old girls would swoon when he would ride by to flirt with us after school let out.

He chose me. Suddenly, every girl in my school HATED me, but I didn't care. Brett was not only an amazing hottie, he was FUN! We rode our bikes together, swam in ponds together, and talked about all kinds of things.

I remember the first time he kissed me... it was as though my mouth was electrified by his. I regret a lot of things in my life, but I'll never regret saving my first kiss for him. I had held hands with a couple of other boys before him, and they wanted to kiss me, but I just couldn't do it. Brett, on the otherhand, lit my fire in a big, big way.

Sadly, he had to move to another state that summer, and even though he wanted to keep up the relationship long-distance, I couldn't handle it and basically dumped him.

For years I have wanted to tell him that I'm sorry... and I have always hoped the very, very best for him. So if anyone knows Brett Ingram... tell him for me!

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