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Originally Posted by Tennessee Man View Post
IOn June 7, 1981, that 16 U.S.-made Israeli warplanes bombed and destroyed Iraq's Osirak nuclear research facility near Baghdad, more than 600 miles from Israel's borders.1 Prime Minister Menachem Begin claimed the reactor was about to go into operation and was a threat to Israel because it could produce nuclear weapons. Begin's claims were contradicted by a number of experts, but there was considerable circumstantial evidence that Iraq indeed hoped eventually to develop a nuclear weapon. However, Israel's critics pointed out that Iraq was a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which allowed international inspections of the nuclear facility, while Israel itself refused to sign the treaty, refused inspections of its nuclear facility, and was widely believed to have a large nuclear arsenal.

OK, 26 years ago, Israel bombed the Nuclear Reactor near Baghdad, destroying Iraqs chances of of getting a nuclear bomb, not 25 to 30 years ago.

Now. another 9/11 type event will happen without any doubt if the US leaders continue to do nothing about USA Border & Ports Security to protect the American public.

Tennessee Man
And if you think a border is impermiable to Long range ballistic missiles just because a bunch of guys are riding it in pickup trucks and a few walls and cameras are installed , then you better look long and hard at the Dems history of cutting defense spending ...

Just admit it dude , after we pull out of Iraq and tuck tail and run in a premature manner , we will be inviting something worse than a 9-11 to visit our shores .....Just Look at your sleeping kids , and think about it awhile !

ask yourself the question :

How do we really win the peace ?
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