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Winning the peace has nothing to do with fighting a war in Iraq will their political leaders wanting to take a 2 months vacation without dealing with the problems of their nation. Yes, withdrawing the US troops is justified for various reasons. The US political leaders should fovuc their efforts on the National, Border, & Ports of Entry Security iisues to prevent another 9/11 type of attack. The USA also has Missisle Defense Systems that could be deployed at various locations in our nation and around the world to take care of any IBM Missle launched anywhere on this planet directed at the USA.

As far as slrrping at night. As the father of a 17 year old son, I worry more about the draft be started back up and mt boy being caught up in this winning the peace agenda the USA is on, which has cost over 3,400 US lives to date and gets higher everyday. What is it, the USA is accomplishing in Iraq and does the US public feel any safer because of it? You never win peace by fighting a war. Maybe your dreaming, cause your not looking at this with your eyes open.

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