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Originally Posted by nowhereman View Post
It is your board and you can do as you wish. I came here on the premise that this board was filled with nice and open minded people. Do you have an FAQ that lays out what can and cannot be said on your board? Without it, people are kinda posting blind here and I don't want be walking on egg shells fearing that what I say just might offend someone. So I think it's only fair to lay out your ground rules for the new people.
i also think this is a place filled with open minded people, but i can't say the same about some of the folks that have recently been posting in curent events - and that is what led me to post.

as for rules, there are a few big ones:

no spam
no pornographic images
no images or comments that disparage people with disabilities
no threats of physical violence towards anyone.

beyond that, think of it as you would a dinner party - generally no rules are printed out, but it becomes apparent when things get out of hand. arguments are fine, but if a fight breaks out, or the converstaion turns to factional name calling - someone has to leave.
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