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Tennessee Man
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The ZEFANK Natives

I'm known as the Tennessee Man and would like to thank all those that have welcomed the sudden influx of new users. We all plead guilty to being new here so, please do not hesitate to respectfully advise any one of us that might not be aware of the procedures or the workings of this board if or when we cross the line. As far as the newbie group goes, all are very good posters that enjoy debates. We give as well as we take so, to respect and understand or to defend our positions on the issues depends on how we're addressed. Kindness brings kindness. Hateful responses breed hateful replies. Any user that projects themselves to be stupid will be treated that way and we expect the same treatment. At times people will simply have to agree to disagree. Thats fine, no harm no foul. Each of us has the right to feel how we feel about any issue and express it here. Having other agree & support your postion is not a given. If your not willing to debate your position on an issue, don't post how you feel about it. This should apply to the newbies as well as the natives. This is a good board with many functions the newbies are just learning about. Mistakes, oh yes we'll make them, no doubt about that. Sorry I've been away most of the day but, Friday I do a little volunteer work for a non-profit organization and just got back. Another way of saying, NO PAY involved. I feel better because of it. The only person in this life we have to please, is ourselves but, getting along with the masses never hurts. Thanks to all the natives here for putting up with us while we learn. We are good people from all over this world that got to know one another via cyber space and we look forward to knowing each of you natives here as well. Yes, I tend to get long winded at times. Sorry!!!!!

Tennessee Man
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