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The people that came here, including myself did not come here to make trouble. We came here to get away from an element on the ICQ Current Events board that has been spamming, flamming, stealing peoples id's, impresonating and pitting people against each other for the longest time. We don't know how many are involved and figured if we got away from the ICQ board we would be able to leave all that crap behind us and discuss current events here. Which is what most of the new people want. The disrupter(s) over there were allowed to get away with what they did for so long because ICQ claims to be an absentee landlord, i.e. total free speech and the element took advantage of this day in and day out for god knows how long. It got out of hand and I think people finally hit their limits, thus the mass move to another location. Now, this element is pissed and reeking havok in anyway they can. I say element because I don't know exactly how many are involved. My guess is you are experiencing being pulled in all sorts of directions right now. I hope this gives you a better idea of what is going on with all this.
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