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While I can understand how the sudden increase in posting activites could cause problems for zefrank, this wasn't our intent. Locking down the CE Board was managements way of getting our attention. Since all of us were not totally removed from the entire zefrank system, I take it that it gives us the ability to learn more about the boards, the functions offered here and exactly how & where to post information of the issues to be discussed or debated. Seems reasonable enough to me. Those of us that desire to stay have an avenue to achieve that goal. Those that desire to leave, can and will go. If at all possible to avoid future confusion on my part, can you list the expectations of zefrank management for its users. The word will get out to all that need to see it!!!!! I'll work with you and you work with me. Lets see zefrank grow with good users totally aware of the rules here. You also have my main email address. Use it if you prefer. Thanks,

Tennessee Man
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