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Ah, the memories

Middle school- mostly I remember seeming smart and trying really hard not to show it. But that was pretty hard after my teacher's found out I was being tested for Mensa.

That and being tormented for it- lots of fist fights to stand my ground. My beautiful bicycle was the unwitting victim of a mallicious attack by a group of boys who decided I wasn't cool like them. They found dead snakes in their lunches soon afterwards. (the snakes were dead before being planted- and no, I didn't kill them.)

Never had the romantic interludes, even through high school. I wasn't into any cliches- goth, the popular ones, or even one of the "geeks". I was one of those "interesting" people that 2000+ knew about, but never took the time to get to know. (This all came out in my senior year when several people confronted me about it.)

I was a tomboy; a jester that even my oldest friends didn't know where I lived. (It was kinda hard to explain that I lived on a tiny sailboat.)

So my life was wrapped up in books, playing with my juggling clubs, and scheming ways to graduate high school early.

That was fine- most boys didn't seem to be interested in me either. But there was always one that I was interested in, but was too shy to do anything about until it was too late. I remember I went to the junior prom by myself- by the time I got enough gumption to ask the one guy I wanted go with, he already asked a friend of mine.

Next year, I was actually asked to go to a dance. But then my date bragged to all of his friends that I wasn't worth an expensive dinner- that I better "put out" for the McDonald's happy meal he was preparing to buy me that evening.

Never went to that dance because I dumped his sorry behind in front of those same friends. I couldn't find any dead snakes. love life since then seems to be an echo of those two experiences.

Anyway, didn't have my first kiss until the end of my freshman year in college. Only thing worth noting was that he tasted like orange marmalade. And he was cute, until he started sleeping with other girls.

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