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On the subject of the first kiss

Technically, I choose not to count my first kiss. I was about 13 or 14, and the girl was called Tamara, a bit older than me, who came with her family to look after our neighbour's house in the summer. For a while even further back I had been swamped with puppy love over her, but that had kinda dissapeared. But it must have transferred over to her somehow, because she suddenly took an interest in me that summer.

We spent time sitting up trees, sitting at the beach, and all the while there were those horrible silences that you want to fill but just can't think of anything. So one time when we were on the beach, without warning, she just leant in and french kissed. It was then I realised two things - 1. She had had experience and 2. She had a mouth like a garbage dump.

I tried to break it off but she just kept coming! So eventually I just got up and left.

When she came back the year after she was engaged. I'm still not sure what age she was.
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