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I was threatened with a French kiss for the first time when I was about twelve... I was staying over at my friend's for the weekend - she was having a birthday party, one of the planned features of which was a live band that her stepbrother was in. I hung around watching them set up before the party, and lo and behold, her stepbrother took a liking to me and found an excuse to pull me aside later & tell me so. Very cute boy, nice tan. I hadn't developed especially discriminating tastes yet...
Anyway, he tried to stick his tongue in my mouth pretty soon after that... It didn't appear that he had brushed his teeth recently so I politely declined.
The next time I was offered this compliment was when I was about 14, walking home through the park I even just looked through my middle school yearbooks & couldn't remember his name... despite that, it was a very pleasant experience. Either it was that he was a good kisser or my hormones were raging, which they were, but I can't imagine a proper kiss without a tongue since then. I mean, from someone who isn't in my family. Obviously.
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