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I've been writing quite a bit over the last 6 months. And I guess I was largely inspired by this place, so I thought I'd share a few with you all.

They're all pretty personal. I write better amid angst, I've discovered. Any comments/criticisms most welcome!

Missing You

Missing you just makes
my heart ache for you more,
to be in your arms.

With your sweater wrapped
around me I close my eyes,
and stare into yours.

Until we next meet
whenever you think of me
you can be quite sure,

I am missing you.

I Wait

I wait
day in day out
as we live our separate
lives at opposite ends of this world
I couldnít get further away
nor could I get

I wait
as you sleep
and I sleep while you
live and see beautiful things
I canít wait to hear
about you while
I dream.

I wait
in the grey
in the cold in the dull
in the months I hate most
in the months when I need you here
in this place I call home
yet I long to escape
until I can
I wait.


I wait
to hold you
tight again in
my arms that lie
empty at night,
eyes close
with a

I wait
for your
kiss that I've
missed, so dearly
have I longed
to give you
all the

I wait
to stare
into blue eyes
that melt my heart
which pounds
hard when
you are


put on the spot I think for a moment
and truth comes streaming forth
like a waterfall exploding
through a dam which
was once strong
and now is

consumes my
world and theirs
so rapidly and for a while
I can't breathe, I swim and I gasp
for air and fight to stay alive in this
new world which is alien to me and I sink

I almost hit bottom, a hand grasps my arm
and pulls hard, it hurts a while
and then I recognise it.
I grab and hold tight
because I know He
won't let me

from the mess
from everything I breathe
once more with a smile inside
knowing, knowing that I'm not alone
and I'm loved and protected and saved
already and again by my dearest, oldest Friend

"I drink"

the fleeting glance
captures my gaze
and I stare
and you know it
I drink
you flirt
with surrounding admirers
as my gut churns
round and round
I drink
and you relish
the opportunity
to mess with my mind
and I know it
I drink
while you laugh
while they laugh
while I laugh
at myself
I drink
you leave
and brush past
my arm
beckoning me
I drink

First Kiss

beats out
of my chest
as I wait for
the right time
to pull you close
and kiss the lips I've
been admiring all day long

on my cheek
masquerade as
flower petals that
gently caress the breeze
that captures them in summer

new explorations
makes toes curl and
sends tingles down spines
as we embrace each other hard

we fall
asleep and
in love, smiling


Far Away Shores

Blue sky beckons me
to escape this room
trapped by steel bars
trapped by the clock
trapped by deadlines

Tired eyes and sore head
persuade me to dream
of far away shores
with crystal blue seas
and fluffy white sand

Let me take you there
the place of my dreams
we'll forget the world
soak up the sun
and each other

This Place

I stare at letters on a screen
With a sunken, heavy heart
I've been to this place before
Seemingly perpetual pain

Six letter word etched on my mind
captures me at every glimpse
I've been to this place before
and hated every last second

Alarmingly familiar
actions mirror past regrets
I've been to this place before
And I never want to return

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