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Originally Posted by madasacutsnake View Post
Duke, this is interesting. Do you consider that perhaps politics and economics play a part in eastern dissatisfaction with the West? And that possibly jihadism is a tool to manipulate that dissatisfaction for political and economic gain?

I have always found it hard to swallow that a group of prosperous and enfranchised people suddenly decide that it would be a great idea to pop out and kill some people from another religion. After all, there's plenty of stuff about smoting and stoning in the Bible and generally western people dont feel the need to smote and stone.
I don't think it's the politics , because in most of the hard line Islamic countries the Mullah is the boss ..he doesn't get elected by people , he appoints himself in the name of Alah ...

I do consider the fact that most of these countries are dirt poor , under-educated and stressed out by various factors of tyranny and serfdom .

You see uneducated people will always allow others who appoint themselves to think and act for them , this syndrome of responsibility by proxy grows from a weak social system where higher education takes a back seat to superstition and myths.

What we have here are in the west are a group , or shall we say a society of hard working , highly educated enfranchised people who are busily debating about whether they should defend themselves from an onslaught by a group of bloodthirsty Disenfrachised Cro-Magnons who's belief is that their way is the only way , and we accomodate them about this in lieu to actually planning a solid defense first and offering them our help second .

You may not know this but I Coach Footbal ,and having been among the Champs , I came to find out at an early stage that indeed the best offense is a very good and integer Defense .

Of course this debate can be seen in many different ways , as it takes place everywhere in the west.

This unwanted , and unpopular War for example was not something just suddenly decided , but grew out of repeated acts of failed diplomacy spanning six US administrations Carter's was the administration that broke the camels back.

The same culture or civilization if you want to call it that , is attempting to destroy our Democracy.
They will not listen to any form of reason coming from us , nor will they make any concessions or compromises to allow for our two civilizations of alter beliefs to coincide in any form of peace , unless that peace means that we don the yoke , pay Jizyah and become their infidel slaves .

Surely there is plenty of smite and smote in the old bible (Old Testament ), but when was the last time you heard any Christian , or preacher , or even the Pope holler "Glory Be to God let's cut off all their heads and drink their blood for they are no good and do not believe as we do." ?

Jesus never ever said that , in fact he said exactly the opposite ....

Only I am sorry to say , Jesus is not here to save us now ....He gave us the Tools ....of which I am 100% convinced he learned his philosophies under the tutelage of the Confucions..No I think we are going to have to come together as one western world and think and act our way through this ...

THere is no Kiss and Make up coming from Usama ben Ladin ,and the Mullahs , so the choices are extremely limited to us !

I say Confront them , tell them who we are , what we stand for , and that we aren't going to change for them ..they on the other do not have to change for us .

Simply put, " all violence from all sides must be condemned and stopped , but it takes two to tango , nobody will be allowed to dance alone at this contest.

We may have to reform our view of Islam indeed , and Islam will certainly have to reform their view of the rest of the world , the non Islamic world !

PS my wife called me to the table , so I pubbed it and corrected it later ,,hope you don't mind this !

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