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Is everyone ok? Did we all survive?

Please check in here and share your harrowing tales of dodging space junk...if possible.

My story.

I awoke on the dreaded day with a lump in my throat and all the hairs standing up on the back of my neck. I had a certain feeling that I was going to find out once and for all if I had a maker or not on that day. Regretably, I saw nothing, but assumed that a piece with my name on it was heading at any moment for my certain doom. I had dinner and went to bed still never having seen or heard anything, and quite disappointed that my metaphysical musings would go unanswered yet again...just like rapture day...****...I am so not getting my news from the internet anymore. It's like all the retired 1960's weather men became doom forecasters, and still can't get it right
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