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Lightbulb Top Five Artists

The idea is pretty simple and common...Just tell me your top five artists and the best album they have. You could expand and tell me the favorite song and maybe why the group is in your top five. Mine would be...

5. Green Day--good band especially their older stuff
4. Blessid Union of Souls "The Singles"--Not my usual type of music but they are very talented.
3. Everclear "Sparkle and Fade"--this was one of their first albums and with hits like "Strawberry" and "You Make Me..." it has to be the best album by the band.
2. Michelle Branch "Spirit Room"--This girl rocks in concert and she is amazing for her age.
1. Junior "Starving Artists of the Year"--First of all they are local and then when I saw them in concert they rocked and they keep in touch with their fans. Catchy lyrics and great songs--its hard not to love these guys.
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