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[quote=xfox;428762]Your doggy is actually okay, K.. Eats, right? Poops, too? Animals react, and me too sometimes. Some enjoy horror flics, right? Some, love stories.

I always think of my Dad on this day many years ago today he was born in Beverly MA (home of the Navy), enlisted in WWII fought in the Pacific and died in '78 on December 7th. How does one get more patriotic than that? He loved what he did and most of his life did what he loved, flew planes and sailed. I regret that governments take advantage of youth and it's requisite sense of immortality, and wish we did not have differences and desires to conquer, alas.

We are (sort of) free as a result of a few good men, however, and very good fortune.[/QUOTE

We certainly owe the people of our armed forces, past, and present. My uncle, my father's only sibling, died in Vietnam in 1972. My uncle was a dentist and his education was paid for through the ROTC. He had to repay this debt. He died in a jeep accident. He was leaving an officer's club, and the man driving hit another vehicle. He was only 28. This has left a huge hole in my dad's heart. My poor grandmother never got over it, even until her last few weeks on earth. She died of cancer. While she was in the hospice, she always wanted to talk about him. I don't remember him, I was all of 4 when he died. She said to me "When you father was a little boy, he always asked for a little sister. So, when I became pregnant, I prayed that I would have a girl. Do you think this is why God took my son from me? I prayed for a sister for your dad, and then I had a boy. Did God punish me for this?" God, talk about gut wrenching. I reassured her that I do not believe God works in this sort of way. Just sad to think this is how she thought about things for years....
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