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There are people whose vision has been distorted by numerous desires.
They pursue these desires; and their religion is merely performing various rituals. People put their faith in many things; and people always live according to their faith. So those who put their faith in that which is false or corrupt, will lead false or corrupt lives. Many people have a false image of me, identifying me with various bodily forms, and not recognizing my higher nature. They cannot see through the veil of mystery which surrounds me; and so they cannot see that I am unborn and changeless. I know everything about the past, the present, and the future; but no one knows me completely.

But those who always strive to do good, and who are free from every inclination to do wrong, truly worship me.
Gita 7.16-26. 28
The unity of religions
There are people who perform all the ancient rituals, who offer all the sacrifices which the sacred texts prescribe, who drink the sacred drinks, who keep themselves from committing any sin, and who pray regularly. They will be rewarded for their efforts. They will go to a realm above the earth, and enjoy many blessings and pleasures. But when these blessings and pleasures are complete, they will return to earth, and be trapped once more in the cycle of death and rebirth. Performing rituals cannot liberate a person from the chains of desire.

But those who worship me, who meditate upon me constantly, and who live in perfect harmony with me, will attain perfection. I shall not merely provide for their needs, but I shall give them far more.

I make no distinction between one religion and another. People may worship me in any form they wish. The form of worship does not matter to me; my only concern is the quality of love which is expressed in worship. I accept every kind of worship, because I am supreme.
Gita 9.20-24

Religion is but one tree with many branches. If you look only upon the branches, then you are tempted to say that there are many religions; but if you look at the whole tree, you understand that there is but one religion.
Mahatma Gandhi
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