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I shy away from the innovation award idea now because we’re talking massive amounts of time and probably something someone has been working on and documenting for a few years that is also specific to a certain discipline. Not that something like that couldn’t be described here, but that would require a ton of brain power and heaps of time. It’s hard enough getting people working during the day to show up in real life for a meeting about the instillation of a new sewer.

I also shy away from coming up with a new or another form of computer learning tool, because there are so many out there already. However, if one has gobs of knowledge in that particular field taking the best of what is available and making it more user friendly is always a good thing, but I see this as limiting to the community at large, though worthy of a side project if people can hook up and work together.

What you have here already, I mean here at needs grant form describing, maybe a little more organization and more energy behind certain projects; both short and ongoing. Wasn’t that part of the purpose behind the ORG?

Personally, I think the net is over saturated with stuff and the only thing that really makes it all worthwhile and keeps people coming back is community, that or commerce. So how does one developing community, maintain community, and keep a community prospering around a series of innovative ideas?

Seems to me all the trimmings are here, they are looking for a particular style, a couple of destinations and with the utmost affection some dedicated hard working monkeys.

Perhaps, I am stuck in an old paradigm, but I see the internets as a wilderness full of pioneers looking to develop a small town near water. Well, here’s water, lumber and some pretty fertile ground, all that is needed is someone to start pointing a finger.

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