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The many faces of....(beta)

Ok, there is this game that I made up and trying to test out for web forum play. I would appreciate all of yours help with it. It might need tweaking and I just want to see if its:

1. Easy enough to play
2. Actually interesting to play.

It's fairly simple. You pick an actor, any actor, then go through their movies and pick out few roles they played. The next person has to guess who it is, just by looking at the roles they played. No elaborate descriptions of what they done in the movie, but you can use more than one word to describe them.
Don't put it in chronological order either, because that would be easy.

Ill start with a fairly simple one.

This person played:

a cop
a robot
a witness protection specialist
a dad
secret agent
a robot
a robot
a mad scientist
a bar patron

PS: if you have suggestions on the game, please add yours. This game is in the process of being tweaked, tested and perfected.
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