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Originally Posted by brightpearl View Post
this thread gave me kafka dreams last night. i dreamed i was in line at a cafeteria and there was a section of crazy mushrooms that looked just like the ones in this picture. the weird thing was, the mushrooms had limited intelligence and could move by themselves in a predatory way. so as people were walking past they were writhing and stretching out and trying to grab people like venus fly traps. the line stopped and i was stuck by the mushrooms for a while and i kept having to jump and dodge to avoid getting grabbed. at one point they got ahold of the hem of my shirt and i had to yank it free. it made a suctioning sound as i freed myself. then one of the mushroom caps launched itself at me and chased me around the room. finally i found my cell phone and shot a few minutes of video so i could come post it here. i woke up before i could post it, though, so i apologize for the absence of this media proof.

also, the creepiest part was that the mushroom stems made these squelchy squirming noises as they writhed and moved.

i was taken aback by this dream.
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