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what made me laugh today:

my old friend Giuseppe calling me because he heard Hobie on the radio singing his hobiehobieho song and that made him think of me.

we also talked about cars. how my strawberry would tip over when he sat in the passenger's seat, so that the door would scrape over the pavement when he wanted to get out--

how he used to drive a wreck (worse than my old strawberry) that he got for 100 euros (20 for the car and 80 for the stereo)--

how after that he got a 500 euro car and a tour bus made a u-turn in the passenger's door, how this totaled his car and he got 600 euros back from insurance so he actually made a profit on his damn car--

how he now has a seriously dangerous seat ibiza that goes 215 km/h and how he's had it for 6 months and..... he's got 1 huge crack in the windshield, 2 tires completely worn out, parking damage on the side, broken fog lights and now he has a dent in his wheel.

in short: we hadn't talked in, say 1,5 years.. and somehow nothing has changed
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