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^No blood tea ain't nice

T+ means "very toxic" (like cyankali and such nice things)

I've forgotten most of my inorganics, but BF3 is an acid all by itself,
it's a gas, but it also can attach itself to the water damp in the air.(*)
If you breath it in high enough concentration it leads to chemical burns in the lungs
in this way or that.
Just checked the toxicologic data according to the security data sheet but it seems not to be carcinogen.
If you have no breathing difficulties and/or irritated eyes it should be OK. Acids usually get you once.

(*)If this bortrifluoride really reacts with water it gives solid boric acid,
not harmful, and hydrogen fluoride (HF), which is very a nasty acid either,
it dissolves glass, goes through the skin and can dissolve the bones there,
I was scared deadly when we had to work with it (a watery solution of it, that is) in lab!!!
HF would be a gas with these temperatures, but it can also dissolves in water.
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