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Originally Posted by brightpearl View Post
^Ooohh, what're you doing? Not looking for arsinotherium toes if you're big city bound...

Come to Texas!
It's not all bad!!

Capital cities of the states of Australia, I meant, not capitals of the world If only...

I will be keeping a sharp eye out for all sorts of toe-knucklebones, you never know where continental drift may have taken them. I'll be in Canberra and Sydney.
I love going to cities and scavenging for bits and pieces of art and craft things, like wire and shiny stones. It got to the point where a city friend of mine started saying 'No diving!' every time we walked past a dumpster

That's going to be part of the trip, catching up with friends and other people's rubbish, then the last four days of it will be an art school workshop sort of thing which I am very excited about getting into It's specifically 'drawing' (as opposed to painting or photography) to improve technical skills and I'm told it's very full on and there will be lots of important artists and art teachers.
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