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i was sleeping till late and then procrastinating from learning for my first pre-diploma exam (organic chemistry, which i HAT). then around 1pm (it happened at 3pm our time) my best mate from uni called and we chatted away for almost two hours. just when i hung up my grandma called me and urged me to turn on the TV. what i saw was the first plane having hit, and i thought "shit, that looks like 'independence day'...". and while granny and me just watched in disbelieve and shock the second plane hit and my grandma muttered "...terrorists". just then my mate called again, on the cell phone, asking me breathless if i had on the TV, "yes".

i spent most of the following 3 days in front of the TV, i fell asleep in front of it and woke up to it, and i phoned a lot with my family, and when the next day there was a condolence speech at the parliament i had to cry when it came to the sentence "today we are all americans".

i figure that day was and is for my generation the same as the fall of the berlin wall (which i CAN remember, i was 9 and allowed to stay up late to watch it on TV, although i live right at the former border and where it broke through first and as heartwarming and GREAT and POSITIVE the old footages are, it's definitely further away for me, more "historic"-like) for the previous one: it changed how the world was like before. but maybe the time period from '89 to '01 was just a little break from the world being the same with a different flavour? dunno

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