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Originally Posted by l'azizza
When my mom had me breasting was out- this was um mid 70's. It just wasn't cool to do it. Smoking cigars and drinking martinis in the backyard w/ neighbors, that was okay.

I am opposed to women who WON'T breastfeed for reasons of vanity. There is no way you can deny that breast milk is the best for the baby- colustrum, always perfect temperature. For the mom will help with losing weight after childbirth and can i.e. the case of my sister- give you ripped abs.

I am sorry for the women who can't breastfeed- but really want to slap the women who won't do it (and are aware of the benefits) because their friends aren't doing it or their afraid they'll look like the Ethiopian woman in N Geographic.
I am in total agreement with you.

It is a shame -- no, a crime -- what society has done to women.
Somewhere, we were told that our bodies don't work.
That our breasts cannot produce mik.
That our bodies can't push out our children.
That it's better to give formula.
That it's better to have a c-section.
That you need to be in a hospital to give birth.

And it's not that we were SPECIFICALLY told any of this... it's a couple generation's worth of customs that brought us to a place where don't even realize we can stop to question the practice of how/why we do the things we do. Our mothers did these things, and we're okay (right?)... and we do what our mothers do. And they did what they did because at that time, a woman typically did not challenge what a doctor (or man) told her. Or it was not "proper" to discuss these things.

I disagree with the scare tactics of the ad campaign. It is the wrong approach. Education is the key. So is exposure and awareness.
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