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when you exist in a minority, you can't expect to shop with the majority.

it's capitalism, baby. just because some people take up 4 movie seats, that doesn't mean theaters should toss out 3 out of ever 4 seats to make room for the big'uns. it would be economic folly to think you could incorporate every form of "difference" into the design and structure of every aspect of the world.

guess what, there are a lot of short people in the world, too. maybe we should make a rule that nothing should be stored above the 4th shelf in any business establishment? and all public transportation should be low-riders.

the reason i posted the link for you was so you could see how market pressures create solutions. not what you suggested, which is a sponsored redesign of our entire world to accomodate a small minority. "small" used figuratively, of course.
that dog won't hunt, monsignor
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