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Airline Baggage & Person Searches!

Anyone else experience this????.....
My boyfriend was going on a business trip with a colleague. When they arrived to check in, my guy was told that he had to have his bag searched. While he was a bit miffed, he understands that this is what flying is all about in America now, and just went with it. However, the guards that were searching his bag, were extremely rude, and they were just throwing his carefully ironed/folded clothes into a pile on the table. He asked them nicely to please be careful and asked if they were planning on putting them back the way they were found. One of the guards said, “Are you kidding?” then totally ignored him. Needless to say, my boyfriend was really pissed at this point.

Once they finished and got checked in, they went to the gate, where he was “randomly” pulled for a body search (yeah, random my ass!) At this point, he was even more upset and as the guard started wanding him, he said, in a joking manner, “Man, you guys must really think I have a bomb, want me to drop my pants?”

Immediately, guards, police, and FBI guys came from all over. They whisked him aside and began harassing (I mean, questioning) him. They took bomb sniffing dogs to the airplane and took his bag off. They confiscated his wallet, asked him about his job, home and me, etc.

Then, after his plane was taking off down the runway, they said, “Ok, well you are ok, and here is a ticket on the next flight, which leaves in about 4 ˝ hours!” They also informed him that his name is now on some airline/FBI warning list and for the rest of his life, he and his travel companions will be subjected to complete searches.

I have since done some on-line research and discovered that there is some “profiling” going on, and it turns out that it is likely that because there are 2 other people in the US with his exact name (first, middle, last) and both of them have some anti-govt affiliation, they are on the list, which means that is probably why my guy got profiled!

What are your thoughts?
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