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grrrrrr conversation with my dad.

him > I'm going to the garden center tomorrow, do you need anything?
me< yeah a roll of trellis wire, do you know what that is?
> of course i know what that is. what do you need it for?
< to grow the cucumbers.
> how much do you need?
< probably a meter or so, but they only sell it by the roll. so i'll need a roll.
> why do you need it?
< to grow the cucumbers, they want to climb upwards.
> so chicken wire?
> no, trellis wire. it's the green one with the big squares.
> right. how much do you need?
< a meter, but it goes by the roll!
> why does it go by the roll?
< no idea dad, just please bring me a roll.
> what does it look like?
< ... it's a big roll of 10x10cm trellis wire. the wire is green.
> can't you use wood and pop it up on the wall?
< no, i don't have a wall on the balcony, i just need a tiny strip for in the bucket.
> why don't you buy just a strip?
< because they only sell it by the roll!
> that's stupid. i'll bring you a wooden trellis to pop on the wall. it will be much sturdier.
< jesus! i need a roll of wire! i can't stick a wooden trellis in a planter, now can i?
> how am i supposed to understand what you need it for??
< jesus!

zoek waar je wil, maar het zit in jezelf

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