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Originally Posted by Stephi_B View Post
Forgetting all about Veruka but minding about by bra,
this is my bra, I'm tending it, oh yes, I'm serving you drinks, food, entertainment and much more in it,
and now I want you to dance or at least compose a peom to celebrate either Veruka, or lemoncello, or my bra, or all of that together!
Stephi, Veruka, and Lemoncello

Though I've wondered if Veruki
Rhymes with cookie or with spooky,
Who would say it rhymes with kah?
And I will bet a lemoncello
Stephi's bra-tender would bellow
If I got inside her bra:
"Stay the hell away from Stephi!"
(His voice is in the treble clef -- he
Doesn't much inspire awe)
I would say "I'm not romancing,
I just came here for the dancing --
Get away from me, Francois."
And by the way, what kind of bouncer
Flutes his voicings like a flouncer
And answers to the name Francois?
"Where is V?" I'd say, disguising
That my up has not been wising,
“And bring martinis and foie gras.”
Holy shit, look at these prices!
“Coke, for me, with two lime slices,
And let me get the oysters, raw.”
So here I am, the tall guy, waiting,
Sipping Coke, anticipating,
My de vivre losing joie.
My strength is as the strength of eight --
My heart is nearly pure.

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